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Revere Your Tech Goddess

When all looks black (sometimes literally), it's good to have a goddess on your team. Treat her well and she will ever be by your side; treat her poorly and see how well you'll do the next time your site is under a hacker attack.

Your tech goddess deserves a shrine of the highest order: a high definition screen on which a screensaver of her favourite Simpsons and Star Trek characters are rotated. The screen must be festooned with ancient CDs melted into the shapes of her favourite Gucci and Prada clothes. A gentle scent of violets must waft over the scene.

WARNING: Your tech goddess is fussy! Do not sacrifice anything but the best Thai food or dessert crepes on her alter if you wish to avoid her culinary wrath. A single scoop of ice cream is an acceptable dinner sacrifice (but no more! -- your tech goddess must watch her hips, after all). When in doubt, chocolate works.

Those who do not properly worship, exalt, hallow and revere their tech goddess are doomed to multiple 404 errors. Those who show the proper respect to their tech goddess shall be blessed with ever increasing site traffic.

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