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Futures in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Chapter 1: Alternate Policy Alternatives

  • State of the Art: Not Everybody Gets a HUGTM
  • State of the Art: Faba Not Exactly Faboo
  • State of the Art: One Revolution, Hold the Haggis
  • State of the Art: Bullethead to Beijing
  • State of the Art: The Diem Carpes Back
  • State of the Art: Spoznetzov Spells Truble!
  • State of the Art: Wherein the Glorious Gloriousness of the Glorious Leader is Revealed in All of its Glory
  • State of the Art: The Multiverse Manichean Moat Splooshes Home, And Splooshes it Hard
  • Chapter 2: Alternate Technology

  • The Strange Allure of Programmable Pants
  • I Dream of A Long Prison Sentence
  • If It's Belgium, This Must be teus.day.exe
  • Tourists are Weird
  • Nothing Good Can Come of This, MAX Mark IV My Words!
  • Just Driverless, She Said
  • When You're Sleeping, Everybody Can Hear Your Stream
  • Oral Hijinks
  • The Sharing Economy Not a Caring Economy
  • Technology Finds a New Way to Bleed You Dry
  • Dreams of a Peaceful World Shattered
  • Road Rage on 'Roids
  • Science Marches - Cough - Marches - Hack - Marches On!
  • Luddites Just Phoning It In
  • I Dream of Genius [ARNS]
  • Chapter 3: Alternate Politics

  • On the Enhanced Interrogation of the English Language
  • AI Don't Get It
  • The Oil Derrick Forever
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Self-actualized
  • CIA Trains Sights on Tiny Terrorists
  • An Eye for an Eye and Pretty Soon Justice is Blind
  • It's Nothing Personal, Canada, It's Just Business
  • Britain [Has/Does Not Have] a Nose for Trouble
  • Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Trolls!
  • Chapter 4: Alternate Social Relations

  • Ask Amritsar About the Dreams of Your Man
  • Ask The Tech Answer Guy About His Love For Obscure Wiring
  • City Streets are the New Laundromats
  • Wealthy Patients Co-opt One Per cent Solution
  • You Damn Kids Get Off My Dance Floor!
  • Ask Amritsar: Are Touchscreens the New Toilet Seats?
  • Ask Amritsar: A Bot, Your Problem
  • Who's Montessori Now?
  • Lives Unlived: Moishe Clements
  • You're Only as Old as Your Apparel
  • Ask the Tech Answer Guy To Check Your White Male Privilege in the Mail
  • Ask Amritsar About Doing Your Bit for Humanity
  • Chapter 5: Alternate Arts and Culture

  • Ode to Ennui
  • Putting the Fanatic Back Into Fan
  • Actor Claims to Have Normal Human Experience
    Hollywood Insiders Stunned
  • Sad Squiggles Hijack the People's Choice Awards of Science Fiction
  • A New Wrinkle in The Industrialization of the Dream Factory
  • Could Literature Get Any Bowlder?
  • Patent-ly Absurd
  • Write Stuff, Wrong Direction1
  • So, a Tax Lawyer, a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney and a Defense Advocate Walk Into a Comedy Club...
  • A Long Way to Go for A Mouse
  • Chapter 6: Alternate Sleep of Reason

  • State, Your Case in the War on Donuts
  • No Flies on US!
  • The Eternal Recurrence of the Penguin
  • Fighting Fire With FIIIIIIIEEEERRRRR!
  • The Vesampuccerian GWoD, Complex
  • Water Finds its Own Level of Incompetence
  • The Penguin is an Equal Opportunity Hater
  • Public Says Criminals Should Be Punished With a Poll
  • Placeholder Headline Given Its Shot at Fame
  • Canada Meets a Cruller, Cruller Fate
  • The Vesampuccerian Dream Dies Hard
  • Once You've Reached the Peak, There's Nowhere To Go but Up
  • Chapter 7: Alternate Alternatives

  • How Are We Supposed to Face the Rest of the Year?
  • When Insight Strikes, These People Strike Back
  • Flashsideways
  • They're Game to Try Something New
  • Everywhere is a War Zone in the Battle of the Sexes [ARNS]
  • The Old Neighbourhood Goes to Hell
  • Haters Gotta Hate
    Company's Gotta Pro-rate
  • Innovation? In No...Uhh...Ovation?
  • Survival of the Kittenist
  • When in Rome, Drone as the Romans Drone
  • Every Breath You Take...A Life!
  • A Place for Stereotype-A Personalities
  • A Hairy Situation
  • The Dirtbucket Stops Here
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