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A Poke in the Eye of Reality and Three "Knyucks"

Chapter 1: Headlines Don't Know How to Ask This, But...

  • From Headline to Headache in 1,027 Easy Steps
  • Headlines Are Going For the Gold!
    Even Though They Were Eliminated in the First Round
    (Breaking and Entering May be Involved)
  • Headlines Wouldn't Blame You
  • Headlines Are No Shrinking Petunias!
  • Newspapers Just Can't Wait to Headline Your Bird Cage
  • Headlines Were Only In It For The Money - Isn't Everybody?
  • If Only You Got to Know Them, You Could Learn to Love Headlines...
  • Headlines Tried To Warn You, But Did You Listen?
  • Headlines Would Tell You About The Stain On Your Shirt
  • Headlines Lost Iraq
  • Headlines Would Have Done Better at the Pan Am Games If Only They Had Had More Government Support
  • Headlines Can't Connect To The Internet Right Now
    (Best To Give Them Room - They're Going Through Email Withdrawal)
  • Headlines Know That The Fixx Is In
  • Grasping for Wealth, Grasping for Straws -
    Headlines Can't Tell the Difference Any More
  • Headlines Liked Alice Cooper After Liking Alice Cooper Was Cool
  • Chapter 2: As the New President Has Shown, There Are Times When Being All Talk is Preferable to Taking Action...

  • Customer Dissatisfaction Survey
  • Big DICK Radio Goes Deep
  • The Egony and the Ecstasy
  • Og and Thag Defend the Romance Club
  • Switch Mitch
  • TRAVEL ADVISORY: Cloudy With a Chance of Taken 2
  • Big DICK Radio Does it All...For You...
  • The Donald Trumps Politics as Usual
  • You Think You've Been Sexually Assaulted? Ghomeshi Yourself!
  • Humour Passes on the Right
  • Big DICK Radio Caves to Demographic Reality
  • White Hunter, Black Friday
  • Putin's Posse Trump's Team
  • Big Dick Radio Ties One In for the Holidays
  • Chapter 3: When the Going Gets Tough, The Headlines Get Weird

  • Frankly, I've Never Seen the APPeal...
  • People Who Get Their News On Their Cellphones Never Have To Wait in a Headline at a Newsstand
  • Journalism's Magic Number (It's Not What You Think)
  • Headlines Promise They Won't Wilt Under the Pressure
    (But Everybody Knows They Will)
  • You Have to Get App Pretty Early in the Morning to Succeed in This World
  • Headlines Are Waiting For Fu Manchu Moustaches To Come Back Into Style
  • Not Tonight, Dear - I Have a Headline...
  • You Say You Want a Small, Single Purpose Programme For Your Portable Device?
    There's A...You Know For That...
  • Headlines' Slavish Devotion to Times New Roman Doomed to Go Unrequited
  • Five Comes Alive
  • Are Dogs Lying With Cats? Only One Thing To Do...
  • Tech APPreciation
  • What the Heck Do You Know? About Headlines...
  • Is It Better To Be Loved Or Feared?
    Headlines Have The Answer
  • Chapter 4: What the Heck Do You Know? Doesn't Know How to Ask, So It's Going to Crib a Question From Headlines...

  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Takes Arms Against a Sea of Troubles And, By Opposing, Ends Them
  • So You Think You Know What the Heck Do You Know?
  • What the Heck Do You Know?: 20 Questions Nobody Wants Answered
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Threw Up a Little Bit in Its Mouth
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Ponders the Most Important Question of the Election: Are We There Yet?
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Was Sick of the Election Campaign Before it Even Started!
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Is Reaching For a Title, Here...
  • No, What the Heck Do You Know? Will NOT Be Your Alibi!
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Was Sick of World Politics Before They Even Started!
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Wants Complex Answers to Simple Questions
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Makes a Point of Not Questioning Authority
  • Chapter 5: It's Not What You Say, It's...No, You Were Right: It IS What You Say!

  • Sailing Off Into the Sunset on Quoty McFloaty Boaty
  • Quotes Loom Small on the Horizon
  • The Quote..sest With the Mostest
  • Quotes Have High Hopes for 2016 (Ssh - Don't Say Anything to Disillusion Them)
  • Quotes Were Wondering if You Were Going to Eat That -
    Times Are Tough, You Know!
  • Quotes Stand By Their Word
  • Better To Remain Quiet And Be Thought a Fool
    Than To Quote a Fool and Remove All Doubt
  • Quotes Like To Throw The Word "Forsooth" Into Casual Conversation Just To Get A Reaction
  • Quotes Hate Themselves for Being Leafs Fans
  • Quotes Wonder If Maybe It's Time to Get Off Twitter
  • That Quote Could Have Been Your Neighbour!
  • You Shouldn't Have Said It If You Couldn't Live With the Cranberry Sauce!
  • Chapter 6: Who Likes Short Shorts? Writers With Not a Lot to Say Like Short Shorts!

  • Puns We Love to Hate Wouldn't Have It Any Other Weigh
  • If You're Not Part of the Cover, You're Part of the Cover Up
  • When Does a Few of My favourite Things on Twitter Become an Avalanche?
  • Lies You Can Find on Twitter (Among Other Places)
  • Cover Ops Saved the Country
  • On Twitter, the Pun is Mightier Than the Word
  • If You Can't Be Silly on Twitter, What is it Good For?
  • A Few of My Favourite Things Seems to be Getting the Hang of Twitter
  • Puns, Huns and Pre-ovened Buns
  • False Facts, Real Twitter
  • If You Only Have One Thought A Week...
  • Twitter Punishment
  • I Don't Play Favourites, But on Twitter I Play My Favourites
  • [Insert Cover Joke Here]
  • When it Comes to Puns on Twitter, It's a Fine Whine Between Love and Hate
  • Chapter 7: When the Weird Get Going, The Pros Run for Cover

  • A Republican Nominating Convention Phantasmagoria
  • Frequently Unasked Questions: Those Crazy British Bastards
  • It Takes a Village to Populate a Bag of Crazy
  • The Conservative Playing the Ref to Gain Media Advantage Algorithm
  • Frequently Unasked Questions About How the Panama Papers Roll
  • You Know You're a Recipient of Male Privilege When...
  • Crazy? It's in the Bag!
  • The Reality-based Community Fails To Appreciate the Gravity of the Situation
  • Cold Climate, Hotline
  • Preaching to the Perverted
  • What If They Held a Protest and No Media Came?
  • Crazy is As Crazy Duhaflurgonblurgon-ha-ha!
  • The How Democracy Dies Algorithm
  • Chapter 8: About the Other Author

  • I'm Just a Fount of Too Much Information
  • Adventures in Education
  • The Littlest Klingon
  • I Like Playing the Long Can*Con
  • Wherein I Make Sport of My Exhibitionism
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