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Chapter 1: Alternate Introduction

  • Up Close and In Your Face:
    An Interview With Brenda Brundtland-Govanni
  • Chapter 2: Alternate Sleep of Reason

  • Idiotocracy: A Beginner's Guide
  • Drones Join Canadian Doughnut War
  • The Most Dangerous Man in the World
  • All Fall Down
  • Legislation So Crazy It Might Just Not Work!
  • 2 + 2 = 4,000,000,000,000
  • The Donut Whole
  • The Scarlet Later
  • Urth of a Nation
  • You Never Drone Alone
  • Some Points Need to be Hammered Home
  • Military Mollusk Mechanization Madness Made Manifest
  • Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat, Gently Down the Scream
  • Scouts Dishonour
  • What We Don't Talk About When We Don't Talk About Religion
  • As Vespuccian as Apple Pie
  • Chapter 3: Alternate Science and Technology

  • It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Becomes * UNHINGED *
  • Everybody Took a Holiday
  • Mutant Technologies for a Better Tomorrow
  • Glock Around the Clock
  • Quant Touch Dis!
  • No Harm? Well Maybe a Little...
  • Then, They Had to Face Stupid Reality Again
  • Some Entangled Evening
  • The Street Finds its Own Uses for Mutant Technologies
  • Poo-r Judgment
  • The Plane Truth
  • Reality is for People Who Can't Handle Games
  • Days of Future Shoppe© Past
  • Boysenberrying It In
  • The Whole HOGTM
  • Mutant Technologies Favours Lateral Marketization
  • Everybody Came Back From Holiday
  • Bring Me the Head of Alan Turing!
  • Teknology Can Be A Harsh Mistress
  • Chapter 4: Alternate Politics

  • You've Got to Hand It to Them
  • Symbol of Life Kills Seventeen
  • From Statistical Anomaly to Presidential Candidate
  • Toon Support Group Faces Funding Gap
  • The Language Goes for Broke
  • When the Big Bus Leaves the Station, Democracy Remains Sitting On the Bench
  • It's a Gas Gas Gas
  • Love's Labour Camp Lost
  • Chapter 5: Alternate Arts and Culture

  • Pynchon Me, I Must Be Dreaming!
  • Loving the Machine a Bit Too Much
  • Hype Springs Eternal
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being Crowdsourced1
  • A Porn Man's Joseph Campbell
  • Don't Have a Long Cow Clicker, Maaaaaaan
  • Punk'd Junk'd
  • "Death Novel" Comes to Life
  • Dirt Diet Chef Comes Clean
  • The Enchanted Engine of Exploitation Explained
  • Drastic Reeking Measures
  • Would You Like Lord of the Flies With That?
  • When Tamagotchis Ruled the Earth
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Printer
  • Oy Vey du Cinema
  • But, You Already Knew That...
  • Chapter 6: Alternate Alternates

  • Something New Under the Sun
  • Like a Bird on a Wire
    A Big, Fat One That Weighs it Down and Scares Small Children
  • Simon Says: Die
  • Quiz the Biz Whiz: Crazy for Success
  • Thieves Make Magical Items Disappear Like Ma...Umm...
  • Dear Stalker
  • Ready, SETI, Go!
  • The One Pie No American Wants To Eat
  • Simon, King of North York
  • Seer Suckers
  • Mascot Mayhem
  • An Igor For An Igor And Pretty Soon Everyone Is Bland
  • Proof That Humans Exist!
  • Retirement Home to the Stars
  • My Aim is - Oooh!
  • Simply Simon
  • Lives Unlived: Anderson Fluffnagle
  • Licence Provoked!
  • Digital Gods: Appendix A: Digital Gods
  • Chapter 7: Alternate Help

  • Alternate Reality News Service Frequently Unasked Questions, v2
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