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  • Headlines Did Not Contribute to the Global Financial Meltdown
    But They Did Nothing to Stop It, Either
  • I Can't Quote Believe It Myself
  • Puns Are The Lowest Form of Humour, Except on Twitter...
  • Big DICK Radio Gets Its Licence Renewed, If Not Its Faith
  • Perry and Thrust
  • A Headline Here, A Headline There
    And Pretty Soon You're Talking About Real Text
  • Dead to Rites
  • Quotes are Safe for Work (Much as They Wish They Weren't)
  • The Space Adventures of Scarlett Brushfire on Twitter
  • Stock Market Drops on Headline Trading
  • Zen and the Art of the Impossible
  • Chapter 2: OUT TUESDAY

  • Headlines Listened to Moby When Moby Wasn't Cool
  • Lahf is Lahk a Bag o' Crazy...
  • Demento Mori
  • A New Chapters in the History of Literature
  • Headlines Shoot Dingoes On Sight
  • What You Miss Because You're Not Following Me on Twitter
  • What You Thought I Said Was Not What I Meant
  • Headlines Would Oppose The XL Pipeline If They Only Knew...
  • Dittoheads in Denial
  • You Say You Have Something To Say? Word!
  • Frequently Unasked Questions About The Mark of Cain
  • Headlines Are Sorry They Got Drunk at Your Sister's Wedding
  • Chapter 3: OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

  • The Interview I Wish Ricky Gervais Had Given Piers Morgan
  • You Wouldn't Like Quotes When They're Angry
  • Headlines Cannot Believe it is Listening to The Temptations' Cover of "Hey Jude"
  • Then, As It Must to All Satirical Web Sites, Death Came to Les Pages aux Folles
  • Big DICK Radio Flails Around in the Shifting Sands of Patriotism
  • Headlines Minded the Gap, and Look Where it Got Them!
  • The Tao of Israeli Politics
  • You Say You Don't Like Citations? Can I Quote You?
  • A Few of My Favourite Things on Twitter
  • Headlines are Feeling Nostalgic for the Day Before Yesterday
  • The Digital Curmudgeon Sez: You Damn Kids Get Off My Internet!
  • Chapter 4: UP TO 120% OFF

  • It's a Wonderful Day in the Crazy Hood
    A Wonderful Day for a Crazy, Would
    You Be Mine? Could
    You Be Mine?
  • Headlines Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
  • Quotes Heard The Call of Patriotism And Hid Under Their Bed Until It Went Away
  • The Week in Corruption
  • Stop Messing With My Head...line!
  • The Grateful Dead Can Dance
  • Quotes Would Get Their Foot Out of Their Mouth, But They Find it Strangely Comforting...
  • Headlines Plan on Adding to Their Arsenal to Combat Gun Violence
  • The American Political Response to Gun Violence Algorithm
  • TSA Or Not TSA - That is the Frequently Unasked Question
  • Headlines Take the Cake! (Sorry if You Wanted a Piece...)
  • The Problem of Satire
  • Chapter 5: YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT!

  • If You Weren't Specifically Looking for Quotes,
    You Wouldn't Even Know That They Were There
  • More Things You Miss Because You Don't Follow Me on Twitter
  • Two Sheets to Inherit the Wind
  • Headlines Have Never Been to a Sci Fi Convention and Wonder if They're Fun
  • Big DICK Radio Goes Boom
  • The Republican Democratic President Killing Algorithm
  • Headlines Think It's Too Soon for That Joke
  • Quoth the Maven, "Evermore."
  • False Facts You Can Only Read On Twitter
  • Headlines Were Just Wondering...
  • Akin Breakin' Heart (Of The GOP)
  • Chapter 6: DONíT DELAY! ACT NOW!

  • Frequently Unasked Questions About the Senate Follies
  • Do as Headlines Say, Not as Headlines Do!
  • Quotes Ain't Afraid O' No Ghost!
  • Puns We Love to Hate (on Twitter)
  • Fun With Big DICK Radio and Jane
  • Headlines Just Wanted You to Know
  • The Canadian Specialty Channel Content Production Algorithm
  • The Dead Can't Really Dance, But Let's Humour Them
  • A Few More of My Favourite Things on Twitter
  • And, Just When Quotes Were Getting Used to the War on Terror, Too...
  • Headlines Don't Have to Justify Themselves...TO YOU!
  • Appy Now?

  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Did Not Know the Song "Police On My Back" Was Written by the Equals
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Thinks Satire is Cruel
  • What the Heck Do You Know? About the Republican Primaries
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Wouldn't Go Down Those Dark Stairs If It Was You
  • What the Heck do You Know?
    Is Watching Interstate Trucking Legislation for Escaped Elements Of SOPA
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Had to Go to the Bathroom - What Did It Miss?
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Teared Up At the Finale of House and is Man Enough to Admit it!
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Isn't a Mind Reader You Know...Or, Do You?
  • What the Heck Do You Know? Is Crabby About Its Diet
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Knows It Will Never See A Manned Mars Mission in Its Lifetime
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Is Glad That the World (Except for Parts of Texas) Didn't End
  • What the Heck Do You Know?
    Hates to be the One to Break it to You (But, Not Enough To Stop...)
  • What the Heck Do You Know? is a Big Fan of Cirque de So What
  • Chapter 8: ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  • I've Made a Lasting Impression on the City
  • A Science Fiction Convention? What a Con*Cept!
  • The Little Science Fiction Convention That Could
  • Who Wouldn't Love Being Me?
    You Don't Need To Ans - No, Really, It - It Was a Rhetorical Question
  • Naked and Strangely Lopsided: An Arisia Adventure
  • My Writer's So-called Life
  • Your Face and My Polaris
  • So, That Happened...
  • The Gathering is Called Can*Con, Not Can't*Con
  • Easter is a Con!
  • My Imaginary London
  • I'm Not Civilized Yet...
  • Putting the Ario Back in SFContario
  • Birth of a Genre...Con
  • I Should Have Left My Image Well Enough Alone...
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