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  • Split Infinities
  • We Can Forget It For You Wholesale
  • Aural Persona Non-Gratification
  • Let The Games Benign!
  • This Turkey Won't Fly
  • Bossy Parents - There's an App for That
  • Your Call Centre Is Important To Us
  • Crimes Against Memory
  • Unusual House Warming Lands Local Woman In Jail
  • Clutter Buster Cluster Ferk
  • Slap Me! Happy?
  • Chapter 2:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part One:
    And The Award For Nosiest Relative Goes To...Mom!

  • Butterflies are Free...To Cause International Havoc
  • Fin du Siecle Culture
  • The Shambling, Mumbling Apocalypse of Bellwood
  • Rash Decision May Take Months
  • Mother Earth Puts Her Stomping Boots On
  • An Army Marches On...Whoever's Stomach Is Available
  • Fangs for the Memories
  • When Humanity Is Fin-ished
  • Fred Streave-Griebling, Earth's Saviour!
  • Chapter 4:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part Two:
    The Chase is On!

  • Ask Amritsar: Homo Sapiens Improvements
  • Ask the Tech Answer Guy About the Framistat
  • Ask Amritsar: Happiness Throws Us For a Curve
  • Ask Amritsar: The Eternal Question
  • Ask the Tech Answer Guy About The Wisdom of the Crowd
  • Ask the Tech Answer Guy About the Odds
  • Ask Amritsar: What Did People Do Before IMing?
  • Ask The Tech Answer Guy: User Unfriendly at 12 O'Clock!
  • Chapter 6:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part Three:
    The Chase is Off!

  • Telethon...And On, And On...
  • Tar Sands Babies Out of Luck
  • Everybody Talks About the Weather, But...
  • FIER Itself
  • Politicians Get Stupaked Into a Corner
  • Rhymes With "Bitch Fax"
  • Satire Wars: The Empire Strikes a Pose
  • Their Monster's Voice
  • The United States of Things To Come
  • Luna for the Lunies!
  • Chapter 8:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part Four:
    The Paper Chase is On

  • Nothing Newspeak Under the Sun
  • Lucy Law Losing Legislator Legitimacy
  • Made in the Schadenfreude
  • Weasel Words of Antiquity
  • All the World's a Stage - Finally!
  • This Joke's On Me
  • Strange Dis'eas'es' of the Literary Mind
  • The Piques and Valleys of Immortality
  • If Life Gives You Fat, Make Fatuousness
  • Down The Memory Hole And Up Yours
  • Chapter 10:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part Five:
  • Chapter 11: ALTERNATE LIVES

  • Lives Unlived: Stefania Stehaufmannchen
  • Lives Unlived: Cedrina Chante
  • Lives Unlived: Everyman
  • Lives Unlived - Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales
  • Lives Unlived: Blini McTurbian
  • Lives Unlived - The Hunger Artist
  • Lives Unlived: Implausible Feisengrad
  • Lives Unlived: Reince Priebus
  • Chapter 12:

  • The Reality Threshold:
    Part Six:
    It's Been a McSlice

  • Just Picture It!
  • The 10 Thousand Names of Dog
  • I Got You In My Sights
  • Fast Food Innovation Left Up In The Air
  • Warm and Fuzzy (But, Mostly Fuzzy) Science
  • The Soul of the Man Who Takes Toll
  • Bye Bye Birdie!
    Humans Next?
  • What Is One Life Worth? Apparently, $12.43
  • Sexy Science: Daring Development or Ill-considered Idea?
  • Louton Or Bust!
  • Intelligent Beauty for the Masses!
  • It's the End of the Squirrel As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
  • Souls On Ice Are Twice As Nice
  • Putting the Con Back in Consciousness
  • What We Didn't Know and When We Didn't Know It
  • What's So Scary 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?

  • Defining Moments
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