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Chapter 1: Obligatory Chapter Division, The First

  • Michael thought it was the most moving curtain he had ever seen.
  • Eric refused to admit he had seen so many Batman reruns...
  • Tear Up This Book and Toss the Wet Pages on the Pavement
  • But don't jump to any contusions
  • I had heard that the country had embraced capitalism, but...
  • If they want our oil that badly...
  • As a child, the Jolly Green Giant was never good at putting away his Lego set
  • I blame Trudeau
  • Dwight had never heard the one about the centipede being conscious of how he walked before.
  • Eat your heart out, Sergei Eisenstein!
  • A scientific theory is a lot like a subway car pulling into a station.
  • They didn't factor in the weight of the tenants
  • The protest against eating chocolate covered cashews was misdirected
  • Some professional players take retirement better than others
  • Not offering Saddam Hussein a place to stay was the right thing to do
  • Fortunately, birds can't read
  • If only Daniel Libeskind's mother had given him the lecture
  • Donald sensed that this lowly cast-off was a PhD dissertation on urban comedy
  • Her owner wasn't really all that concerned with making her comfortable
  • Honestly, nobody much liked Harold
  • That's how most of us felt about the election
  • Ian knew that something in his relationship with Dierdre had changed
  • It's sad, really, what some off-duty police officers become addicted to
  • "Dieppe? Sure, I was there.."
  • Yeah, I know, that's how most of us felt about the elec --
  • Jeremiah figured he would have to get the screen replaced
  • God needs to reconsider his shampoo
  • Oh, sure, some might call it a coincidence
  • Think they're all off to see The Da Vinci Code?
  • The best thing about having a hole in your foundation
  • No, Jimmy, leave it alone.
  • I know housing in the city is expensive
  • TITLE: Innocence Regained
  • TITLE: Time's Fools.
  • TITLE: Nice Catalogue Title, Shame About The Photo.
  • At last! A cartoon guaranteed not to offend anybody!
  • Of course, the ads won't mention the potential dark side of Instant Messaging...
  • All artists must expect a certain amount of appropriation.
  • It's true! Computers are making us iliterate!
  • Ever since my heart operation
  • Oh, yeah, I summer at the Bergman's every year!
  • This is your brain on basic cable
  • Seamus could never understand why his other was always yelling at him
  • Is this really the kind of Prime Minister you want?
  • Chapter 2: Obligatory Chapter Division, The Second

  • To discover the hidden cartoon within the cartoon
  • Oh, sure, kill a promising idea for a sequel!
  • Remember the cartoon that couldn't offend anybody?
  • Number Two really let The Village go to seed
  • You know what they say wbout discount theology...
  • D'Antwone wished Antony would stop talking about the fractal nature of blood
  • I have seen the future
  • At last! The picture the Canada Square security didn't want you to see!
  • What the Nostradamus Junior High lacked in resources...
  • Did anybody get the licence plate number of that truck
  • Don't look back
  • A Real Puzzler
  • Alexandre knew that he was a cart magnet
  • No, you don't have a dirty mind
  • Shernold couldn't put her finger on why
  • Faizal suggested the name Douchebag Runway
  • You wouldn't be impressed with the burger if
  • Maybe a free Dose isn't as apealing as a free dream
  • If you can't see the strangeness...
  • You won't hear me complaining
  • This is what democracy looks like.
  • Before her career as a celestial body
  • Transcend your cuteness
  • Mazes for Beginners
  • Link wasn't sure about his new partner
  • I am a coffee table book
  • Calvin lives!
  • What the subway would look like if...
  • I have a logo!
  • A cultural critic can dream, can't he?
  • Even his staunchest supporters had to admit
  • When wearing the alien symbiotes on your head became a fashion fad
  • Crossovers DO work in comics
  • Marie had to accept that she was a little overzealous
  • Eat your heart out, John Carpenter!
  • Bud hated what construction season did to traffic
  • God's menstruation
  • Forensics confirmed that the prints belonged to Rudolph
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Edwina Fiske-Phyte for the winning entry
  • The reason Neil Young is at the top
  • Alternate comix haven't been the same
  • Jennifer and Brad's split wasn't as amicable as they had hoped
  • Every picture tells a story? Ah, no.
  • Chapter 3: Obligatory Chapter Division, The Finale

  • Nobody told Lewis...
  • Eat your heart out, Danny Boyle!
  • ...people spontaneously jump out of their cars...
  • Homer would never fogive Glennn for changing his name and ruining the family act
  • Did I dream I was a butterfly watching a man read the commuter paper through the window? Or...?
  • Of course, you cannot keep your children from summoning elemental demons.
  • The demise of the Public Whisk Art movement
  • Eddie thought he was auditioning for a part in a drawing room scene in Becoming Jane.
  • im in ur Webzite
  • If people would just respect the signs...
  • The first nude shots of Invisible Girl
  • Adam Smith never did allow
  • THIS is the picture that killed photography!
  • I blame Mike Harris' cuts to education...
  • Eat your heart out, Michael Cimino!
  • HE SAID: It's not polite to stare at a street sign as it's changing.
  • Oddly enough, nobody believed Mayor David Miller
  • The Archelaminion invasion fleet
  • If this woman had been famous
  • Tribute To Torchwood
  • If you want to be considered World Class
  • When he saw how close Bubba Norgay was
  • ...The primary cause of 73% of the traffic jams across North America.
  • Eat your heart out, Spielberg!
  • Bernie von Frankenstein did what he could to further his family's interests
  • In the urban jungle, if you stray too far from the herd, you will be pounced on
  • LEVENE: Fucking seagulls!
  • If Rene Magritte had been a teenage computer nerd with too much time on his hands...
  • Frankie and Lashonda had to admit
  • Farouk was disappointed by the realization that the movies lie...
  • Jeri hated chemo.
  • When he saw the kind of Web the spider spun
  • Despite the fact that it clearly protected her by keeping urban decay at bay
  • Now, there's a production company that lives its art.
  • Long after his dreams of working for CSIS were crushed
  • Joanie knew she couldn't afford it, but she had to go in anyway
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