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Les Pages Aux Folles Karma

So, you're sitting around thinking to yourself, "What can I do to make my next 5,328 lives easier?" You could work with lepers in the slums of Calcutta, but that's so 1980s! You could found your own religious movement, but, let's face it, all the best philosophies have been taken. You could help that little old lady cross the street, but, hey, her cats piss in your azalea bushes, killing them on contact, so why should you do anything for her?

No, a much simpler thing to help your karma would be to give me money.

For a mere ten (10) dollars, you could shave three (3) second of suffering off your next life. Three (3) seconds of suffering may not seem like a lot, but if maintained, it grows exponentially, lopping a whopping six lives off the total you have to live before reaching nirvana and being allowed to get off the merry-go-round of desire and suffering. All that for a lousy ten (10) dollars! For twenty (20) dollars, you lose seven (7) seconds of suffering; for fifty (50) dollars, you can avoid twenty (20) seconds of suffering; and so on.

Giving me money - it sure beats working with lepers!

Send that check or money order to the following address:

Les Pages aux Folles, Merchandising Department, Karmic Adjustments Division
50 Evanston Drive
North York, Ontario CANADA
M3H 5P3

Then, go to sleep secure in the knowledge that, even if you have completely forgotten it, your next life has gotten just that much better!

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