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Les Pages aux Folles T-shirts

Have you ever been so emotionally invested in something that you just had to get it off your chest? Well, frankly, I can't help you - that's what blogs are for. However, once you've gotten something off your chest and find yourself uncomfortably exposed, you might want to consider covering up with a Les Pages aux Folles t-shirt.

Through the miracle of three colour laser printing on fabric, you can turn a cartoon you've seen on this Web site into a mobile work of art. (Unless you're confined to a hospital bed, I suppose, in which case you'll have an immobile, but nonetheless fabricy work of art. Or something like that.)

Watch closely, because this is one magic trick that is simple enough that you don't have to be Doug Henning to understand it:



Too fast for you? Okay, let's try it again:



Think you get how the trick works? Let's see it one more time just to be sure:



But, you're not limited to the designs I have already made into t-shirts. If you wanted to, you could ask me to make any of the following My Toronto cartoons into a t-shirt:

In fact, I've often thought (in the past few minutes) that the following Blackout Funnies cartoons would make excellent t-shirts:

Not to be outdone, there are any number (72 so far and counting) of Delicate Negotiations cartoons that would look good on your chest! Check three more of them out:

But, don't think you have to be limited by my stunted imagination. Feel free to look through the cartoons on the Web site (either in the New section or, for My Toronto, there and in the Archive Section) and choose whichever cartoon you would like to wear on a t-shirt! You can't say any fairer than that.

If enough people buy t-shirts to cover the cost, I will set up a Paypal account that will allow you to pay online. Until then, you will have to send me a check or money order through the mail. How much will a Les Page aux Folles t set you back? Twenty (20) dollars (including the infamous "shipping and handling" charges). Yep. That's all. To put it in perspective, that's only 1/50000000000th of the American government's deficit! Who couldn't afford that? When you think about it, that's a small price to pay for a wearable piece of comedy history.

Send that money to the following address:

Les Pages aux Folles, Merchandising Department
50 Evanston Drive
North York, Ontario CANADA
M3H 5P3

Be sure to include: specific information about which design you would like on the shirt, and; the address you would like me to send it to. Then, sit back and (in four to six weeks), amaze and astound your friends and family at your uncanny abaility to spot comic talent before it becomes famous! Or, something like that.

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