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So, somebody says to me: "What's the point of having readers if you can't make money off of them?"

And, I says to them back: "I don't have that many readers."

So, they says to me further: "Okay, so maybe you won't be living on caviar and have so many houses that you forget to count them all. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right?"

And, I says to them in response: "I don't have anything to sell."

So, they says to me all insistent-like: "You got one book in the stores even as we fictionally speak, and you got another one coming out any day, now. It's a start. You got cartoons that people see to like (don't ask me why - they ain't no Barney Google, if you know what I mean - but there's no accounting for taste). You could do something with them."

And, I says, inquiringly: "Like what?"

So, they irritatingly says: "What do I look like: Martha Freakin' Stewart? Put them on commemorative plates or...or decorative ashtrays or like that there. You know?"

And, I says, suggestively: "T-shirts?"

So, they brightens up and says: "No. Nobody wears t-shirts. But, you're thinking - that's what I like to see!"

And, I hesitates and says: "I don't know. This kind of commercialization feels like bad karma..."

So, they snorts and says: "So, sell good karma, too!"

And, my eyes opening wide, I says: "I can do that?"

So, they respondingly says: "Sure. This is a free country, ain't it?"

So, welcome to the Les Pages aux Folles store. Here you will be able to find links to places you can buy LPAF books in print, t-shirts of any cartoon found on the Web site and karma.


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