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There comes a time in his life when every man must decide whether he wants to make millions of dollars and buy himself a small island in the Pacific that he can use to get away from it all, or whether he wants to live with his parents until he is 90 years old. The Author...The Creator...The Artiste, if you will, of this Web site has been at that point for several years. It's not that he hasn't made a choice; it's that he repeatedly makes the wrong choice.

This section of the Les Pages aux Folles Web site - The Archive - is a perfect example. When most Web sites have an area for older work - in this case, columns and cartoons conveniently collected into "books" for your easy reading pleasure - they charge for them. Money. Cash on the barrelhead. Simoleons.

Not so The Artiste. He doesn't believe vast sums of money are to be made from the sale of words on the Internet. Maybe he should talk to Noah Webster! Or, well, actually, perhaps, somebody who is alive might be better. Stephen King! The Artiste should talk to Stephen King - he's made enough money to buy several islands in the Pacific - some of them not even so small! Of course, when he offered chapters of a book he had written online, he didn't make enough money to make the project worthwhile and stopped posting them after three or four. But, just because one of the most popular authors of our time couldn't find a way to make publishing on the Internet pay doesn't mean that an obscure comedy writer cou - umm...well, that is to say...

Dammit! I hate when The Artiste knows what he's talking about!

You don't understand. I want that small island in the Pacific!

Ned Feeblish
Vice President, Public Relations and Fundraising Ministrations
Les Pages aux Folles
a wholly owned subsidiary of MultiNatCorp
"We do (Personal Poverty Enhancing) stuff"

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