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Chapter 1: Act One

  • Open casting call for a remake of The Birds
  • The Phantom Mall
  • Timmy's Snow Defense Initiative
  • Where did Peter get the mushrooms?
  • Beautifying the city street
  • The Fuck Machines Web site
  • Allysin's overprotective mother
  • Happy families and Happy Family Restaurants
  • Michelle liked to have spares handy
  • Martin would have to give his children the talk
  • Arnold was by no means irony impaired, but...
  • The Disney Dilemma
  • The tree had more shelter than they did
  • The Province's topless laws
  • Frosty knew he was out of his depth
  • The vagaries of artistic inspiration
  • American Imperialism
  • Snoball's Chance at infinity to one
  • Dominoes of the gods
  • Marina never got the whole eagle thing
  • Miles didn't believe Professor Delorey
  • The dire consequences of not staying in school
  • Funny Guy
  • Derek Improvises
  • Even pigeons need practice
  • Chapter 2: Act Two

  • Attila tests the oil in the pots
  • You have a dirty mind
  • Don't mind me, officer. I...just...tripped.
  • You don't have to believe in Area 51 to be paranoid
  • Rubik's cartoon
  • D'uh, I coulda taken 'im.
  • Niall thought it absurd
  • Spot the flaw in the design
  • Minnie could never figure out why
  • Morton felt kind of chagrined
  • Am I ready for my first gallery showing yet?
  • Talk about going medieval on pigeon's asses!
  • Hockey fans aren't born
  • Sometimes, even god needs help getting oriented.
  • You're in the cage, now, baby!
  • The only thing missing is Joe Gillis
  • Why did the kite eating tree become extinct?
  • Eat Your Heart Out, Wim Wenders!
  • Hope springs eternal...
  • Go to the light! Go to the light!
  • Marcie would not allow Clark Kent to babysit her children ever again
  • Maggie's on the grate, sick, but she wanted me to keep our routine
  • Snakes know regret
  • Cavotti Expedition, Day 12
  • Chapter 3: Act Three

  • Eat your heart out, Leni Riefenstahl!
  • It worked for Jimmy Hoffa
  • Chad, Biff and Mason didn't notice the shadow
  • It was a cold, cruel world for a clump of grassy sod
  • Randy had never questioned Pastor Fabrizzio's judgment before
  • And on the eighth day, god created amusement park rides
  • Even the roadkill wore body armour
  • Why can't we all just learn to get along?
  • The Conservative Party couldn't help but out itself
  • What are we teaching the children?!
  • Electric power to the people!
  • "I hope you understand that this in no way implies a commitment..."
  • A fate too absurd to bear
  • The classic Hollywood image
  • Ceci n'est pas les pipes.
  • If we're so smart, what are we doing in shiny plastic boxes?
  • Either way, he'll have more room in the basement
  • They could have stopped Zardoz from happening
  • Rex, who fancied himself something of a sportsman...
  • Streetcars only move trunk to tail in the city
  • Irony has a sweet tooth
  • Mothduh
  • Urb@n Living
  • Why would anybody want this complexion?
  • We'll be watching you...
  • Chapter 4: Act Four

  • Guys? ... Guys?
  • More Schumpeter than Derrida
  • Just then, his back gave out
  • Sometimes, even the Buddha finds astral projection a pain in the ass.
  • You can't beat that asking price!
  • Deeply concerned
  • Reggie just couldn't escape post-modern culture
  • Unlike other people who CLAIMED they had a temper...
  • The Next Advance in Urban Transport
  • Mark could have said he was sorry about the goldfish.
  • People tend to miss the sad melancholy
  • How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
  • Not a common come-on for the homeless
  • The last one up the stairway to heaven
  • Some trees got no shame!
  • Florinda, the grand-niece of the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Marcel didn't have the chops
  • It was only a matter of time before she succumbed to the Expressionism
  • You don't reboot a computer with a sledge hammer
  • My heart miraculously started on the operating table
  • Well, d'uh!
  • CITY's self-stated mission was getting a little creepy
  • A horizontal monkey skeleton with a white beard
  • Some questions have no answers
  • Jason could never understand why everybody wasn't on Prozac
  • Chapter 5: Act Five

  • Christo discouraged Junior from pursuing a career in the arts
  • When good architects go bad
  • Bixby knew there would be vehicles to poop on
  • Mr. Glasses-Eyes has the full range of human emotions
  • So help me, I'll knock him right off!
  • When cartoonists fall in love with their words
  • Golcondi
  • At the audition for the role of the Ents
  • The cart had fallen on hard times
  • The eternal philosophical conundrum
  • Tip of the hat to Francis C
  • After seven years of losses
  • Mooned by a lepidoptera
  • Quantum shopping
  • When they first met, Mark and Andrea were so in love...
  • Rover found it difficult to find work
  • His big brother could call it a Napoleon complex all he wanted
  • Vlad did not see it coming
  • This window display is rated PG-13
  • I bet Busbey Berkely never had to put up with this kind of shit!
  • Mannequins wouldn't be caught dead in neon blue slippers
  • Yeah, well, love to stay and chat, but...
  • Chapter 6: Epilogue

  • The show must go on.
  • Chapter 7: Bonus

  • "It wasn't until that moment that Ship truly understood Bruce Springsteen..."
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