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New Writing

- Okay, so, like, The Boss has asked us to explain what you can find in the New section.

- Like it isn't obvious.

- You never know. Maybe the person who's reading this page is from Saudi Quattabia or some place like that. You know, she has three degrees in nuclear physics from a university back home but the only work she can get in Canada is cleaning people's toilets.

- Ooh, what I wouldn't give to be able to clean people's toilets!

- That's a little off the point, Germaine.

- Sorry.

- Some people might not know that the New section of the Web site is where new columns and cartoons are posted before they eventually get collected into books.

- We could tell them anything.

- I beg your pardon?

- The Boss is off on some turkey-induced L-Tryptophan stupor - he'll be out for hours! I say we put the recipe for the world's greatest potato salad in this space and upload it to the Web before he comes to!

- Oh, Fyodor, you always were a kidder!

- I'm Chuck.

- No, you're not. You're Fyodor.

- No, I'm Chuck.

- No, I'm Chuck.

- No, you're Fyodor.

- Okay, look. That joke works well with The Boss because to him all elves look and sound the same -

- But, we all do look and sound the same.

- Not helping, Germaine.

- Sorry.

- But, it doesn't work on us, Fyodor -

- Chuck.





- THAT'S IT! Ungh! Arrrrrr!

- HEY! OWWW! Why, you - grr - rrowrf - oy!


- Grunt!

- Grunt harder!

- Grunt harder...with a vengeance!



- You're right.

- Yeah. Sorry.

- You can be Chuck if you want to.

- Actually, I'm Germaine.

- I thought I was Germaine.

- Let it go. Just...let it go.


- Did we...did we just have a Keebler Moment?

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