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Chapter 0: Introduction

  • What You Didn't Know
  • Chapter 1: Deadline News

  • New Millenium, Same Old Story...
  • DNSR: America Goes to War (Again)...
  • Imitations of Morality
  • DNSR: America Goes to War (Again) (Again)...
  • DNE: Ah, Sweet Mystery of the Royal Society
  • Izzy or Isn't He?
  • 99.99% George Junior Free
  • What Were They Thinking?
  • No Themes Here
  • Tirade Another Day
  • Comedy Fatigue
  • Slow News Week
  • Silver Lining Central
  • Deep (Throat) Denials
  • Tempers Flared, Nostrils Bared
  • You Can't Handle the Truth!
  • DNSR: The Mouse That Warred
  • Naked Came the Anchor
  • All Tragedy, All the Time
  • Peace as a Last Resort
  • DNSR: Crisis in the American Imaginary
  • Myopic Moral Clarity
  • Ari Gets Around
  • News You Can Abuse
  • Shoot To Ill
  • Operation: Iraqi Freakout
  • War, And Other Children's Preoccupations
  • Knocking War Out of the Top Spot
  • With the End in Sight
  • Resistance Is Feudal
  • DNSR: Welcome to Orange
  • Chapter 2: The Irrational: 2003 Edition

  • The Irrational
  • The Passing Charade
  • It's About Time!
  • History on the Trots
  • Sharon Folds the Road Map to Peace
  • NewsWeird: Sunday Reports: Maximum Culpa
  • Bad Journalism Does Pay
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Read the News
  • Prepping History's Judgment
  • And A Doctor To Be Named Later
  • Reducing the Overwhelming to Trivia
  • NewsWeird: Sunday Reports:
    Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights
  • The New Abnormal
  • You Hadda Ask
  • The Long Waterslide Into Hell
  • Did You Hear the One...?
  • Newsweird: Ontario Goes to the Pols
  • Confidence Games
  • Just Good Friendly Practice
  • Newsweird: Election Trail Mix
  • McGuinty, Camp - No More Dueling Daltons
  • International Mayhem at Bargain Basement Prices
  • Tough Noogies in Toronto
  • Anchor's Away!
  • Controlling the Journalistic Agenda
  • Who Among Us?
  • Alien Western Nation
  • We Got Him! Actually, They Got Him! Well, He's Got!
  • End of Year Slowdown
  • Chapter 3: The Irrational: 2004 Edition

  • Lovely and Scenic
  • Anguished In Antigonish
  • Today's Snow Job
  • Twenty Minute Brain Delay
  • Taking Kabul By the Horns
  • Post-Valentine's Day Stress Disorder
  • The Flagship Droops
  • Absolutely Scandalous
  • We're Number One! And Two...And Maybe Three...
  • Chapter 4: Coda

  • Kick Out the Jambs!
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