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Chapter 0: Introduction

  • The Man Who Makes Fun of Everything
  • Chapter 1: The First Thousand Seconds

  • You Say Contracting Out...I Say Union Busting...
  • Polymorph Is Perverse
  • This Gall Bladder Operation Has Been Brought To You By...
  • Sand Neutral and the Seven...Uhh...Uhh...
  • The New Old Ball Game
  • Further Conventional Coverage
  • Blessed are the Dealmakers
  • Minding Hollywood's Business
  • Farewell Tour '93
  • The First Thousand Seconds
  • Ross the Boss
  • Chapter 2: Hockey Night in Gavle

  • Stupid Cupid
  • Crime on Everybody's Mind
  • The Mind of the Beholder
  • More Impertinent Questions
  • Transnational Corporate Gangsta Rock
  • Hockey Night in Gavle
  • But the Cupboard Was Bare...
  • To Di For
  • The Chess Mess
  • At Whose Service?
  • Constititutional Crisis? What Constitutional Crisis?
  • Chapter 3: Stupidity for Dummies

  • Understanding EconoSpeak
  • Frankly Sex, with Raoul Blackaddar
  • Images of Large Grosses Dancing in their Heads
  • The Character Thing
  • Something Worth Celebrating
  • One on Every Corner
  • Only His Programmer Knows For Sure...
  • Stupidity for Dummies
  • Irrational Economic Man
  • English, Please!
  • Man's New Best Friend
  • Chapter 4: I Believe in the Information Age

  • TV From the Inside Out
  • Wearing Their Identities on the Sleeves
  • Interactive Literary Classics
  • Impertinent Minds Want To Know
  • I Believe in the Information Age
  • Mission into Madness
  • Made You Look!
  • You're NCO Till Somebody Loves You
  • Odds and Ends
  • Intellectual Opening Lines
  • So Subtle, You Won't Even Know They're There
  • Chapter 5: It's a Dog Eat Doggerel World

  • It's a Dog Eat Doggerel World
  • Reach for the Bottom
  • Rock and a Soft Place
  • I Believe in the Sixties
  • Mail to the Chief
  • Tag -- I'm It
  • Too Stupid to Live
  • The Original Help Line
  • What You Pay For
  • Fashion Crimes Television
  • Chapter 6: Strange Rumblings From Camelot

  • Common Complaints
  • It's All in the Execution
  • Brilliance on a Budget -- Hong Kong 97 Version
  • What the Heck Do You Know? -- The Web Version
  • Dueling Discourses
  • Do It Yourself Magazine Publishing
  • The Price Is Right
  • Note Well
  • Ask Dr. Political Science: Heavy Seasonings
  • What A Piece of Work Is A Man?
  • Madge and Betty Save Confederation
  • Strange Rumblings From Camelot
  • Chapter 7: The Wages of Cynism is Mirth

  • Ask Dr. Political Science: Wouldn't You?
  • The Hair of the Doggerel That Bit You
  • Tales From the Free Trade Café
  • Don't Sell Yourself Short
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  • (Everything I Do) I Do It For Me
  • Deadline News: First, If Not Foremost...
  • More Trumped Up Charges
  • Ask Dr. Political Science
  • Time and the International Monetary Fund
  • The Wages of Cynicism Is Mirth
  • Chapter 8: All Good Things Must End Happily Ever After

  • The Bush Administration's Policy on the Complicated Issues of AIDS, Abortion and Teenage Pregnancy
  • Win A Dream Date With Dan
  • All Good Things Must End Happily Ever After
  • Plyin' Cod
  • The Green Police
  • All the Resonance Men
  • Calling on the Heavy Hitters
  • This Story Exploits White Male Experience
  • Attitude: Like You Should Care
  • Gilt By Association
  • Some People Just Don't Get It
  • Chapter 9: The 1992 Police Brutality Summer Olympics

  • The Wind Whistles Through Empty Offices
  • Snapshots of Things That Divide Us
  • P. C. Pundits Put Upon
  • Dan Quayle: Television Executive
  • The 1992 Police Brutality Summer Olympics
  • A Story Even Dave Barry Won't Tell
  • Waiting For Perot
  • Earth Summit Word Search
  • Try Not To Think of Red-faced Elephants
  • The Graveyard Shift on the No Means No Hotline
  • Play the Canadian Refugee Hearing 2000 Game!
  • Chapter 10: Death Takes a Valium

  • Some People Still Just Don't Get It
  • 125th Nervous Breakdown
  • Great Moments in Canadian Journalism
  • When the Monster Came to the Village
  • Out of Touch, Out of Mind
  • Individuality A La Carte
  • Satire For the Hard of Thinking
  • Print Out and Burn This Column!
  • Deprogramming the Donkey
  • Death Takes a Valium
  • Harry Understood About Deregulation
  • Chapter 11: Coda

  • Mister and Misses Frump Know Where To Draw the Line
  • Earth Summit Word Search Solution
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