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Chapter 0: Introduction

  • Introduction:
    Of Ambush Interviews and Knobheads
  • Chapter 1: Aardvark

  • Scene 1: Aardvark
  • The Canadian Establishment and I
  • One More Striking Example
  • Some Might Call It Art
  • Five Hundred Million is a Lot
  • Territorial Advantage
  • Do You Suffer From AIDS Hysteria?
  • The Bear Facts
  • Shops Get Warning Plaid Pants Obscene
  • The Greatest Thing Since Christmas
  • Chapter 2: The Dangling Negotiation

  • Scene 2 - The Dangling Negotation
  • International Trade: What Every Exporter Should Know
  • Just Plain Folks
  • What Have We Here?
  • True Life Mindless
  • Conversations Overheard at the Hadassah-WIZO Bazaar
  • Specious Logic
  • An Offer That's Harder to Refuse
  • Holiday Viewing on a Budget
  • Who Killed the Economy?
  • Chapter 3: Ninety-Nine Channels of Junk on the Tube

  • Ninety-nine Channels of Junk on the Tube
  • What Is This Thing Called Culture?
  • "It's a Mutt!"
  • Night of the Wrong Lines
  • A Letter From the President
  • One Small Caesar For (Hiss) Man
  • Do Computers Dream of Free Speech?
  • M*sc*w Does Not Believe in Beers
  • The Things We Do For Money
  • Neighbourhood Year-End Review, 1985
  • Chapter 4: Wouldn't It Be Government?

  • Scene Four: Wouldn't It Be Government?
  • Slouching Towards Millenium
  • Preconceived Notions and Dangerous Ignorance
  • Psycho Kitty
  • Sheer Herb Attack
  • 25 Down, 45 To Go
  • Cruising for a Bruising
  • Fear and Loathing on the Journalism Trail
  • Hoping That My Space-based Laser ICBM Deterrent Will Keep...
  • Deadline News: Our Top Story Tonight
  • Chapter 5: Middle Class Executive

  • Scene 5: Middle Class Executive
  • Perspectives Aplenty
  • The Creative Process Revealed
  • The Dictator's View of Democracy
  • Mr. Rooney Goes To Hell
  • Their Worst Fears Realized
  • Oil's Well That Spends
  • Cabinet of a Lifetime
  • Us, The People
  • Deadline News: In Other News...
  • Chapter 6: Billy Davis' Smile

  • Scene 6: Billy Davis' Smile
  • As One Country To Another...
  • Conversations Overheard on Bell Canada's Special Telephone Services
  • The Mush of History
  • Letters To Missed Manners
  • The Back Room Boys Make Good
  • Some Kind of Civic Pride
  • Still the Deaver
  • Intimations of Morality
  • Let's Make a Trade Deal!
  • Chapter 7: Dome of the Strange

  • Dome of the Strange
  • Ad Hominem Ad Nauseam
  • An OMA QP Fantasmagoria
  • The Chartreuse Falcon
  • Election Day of the Dead
  • When Justice Becomes Deaf and Very Dumb
  • One Lame Excuse (with SFX)
  • Everybody's Doin' It (Doin' It, Doin' It)
  • Mr. Science Loses His Innocence
  • Deadline News: On the Local Scene...
  • Chapter 8: The Chapter of Lists

  • Scene 8: Year of the Cuts
  • The Column of Lists
  • The Column of Lists 2
  • The Column of Lists 3
  • The Column of Lists 4
  • The Column of Lists 5
  • The Column of Lists 6
  • The Column of Lists 7
  • The Column of Lists 8
  • The Column of Lists 9
  • Chapter 9: Beat of the Moment

  • Scene 9: Beat of the Moment
  • The Limitations of Headline News
  • Tod and Winnie Go After the Big Story
  • Granite of Jaw, Steadfast of Purpose
  • Rhenquist, God and the Cockroaches
  • On the Continued Obsolescence of Smoke Signals
  • Just Another Imponderable Statistic
  • Conversations Overheard During Hands Across America
  • Ira Jones and the Theatre of Doom
  • Deadline News: And Now, An Editorial...
  • Chapter 10: Mister Reagan's Neighbourhood

  • Scene 10: Mr. Reagan's Neighbourhood
  • Fair Weather Fighters
  • Forward Into the Past
  • Pies in the Sky
  • Tis The Season
  • Politicians Say the Darndest Things
  • Deadly Logic, Deadly Force
  • Superman's Patented Super Face-lift
  • The Column of Lists 10 (Surprise!)
  • Deadline News: And, Finally...
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