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Chapter 1: Zen and the Art of International Politics

  • Some Advice To New Parents
  • My Time Is True
  • Tory Blue: A Simple Test
  • It's a Dirty Job, But...
  • Star Wars 17:
    Revenge or Return of the Auditors
  • Candlelight and Whine
  • Elwy Madness
  • Zen and the Art of International Politics
  • Beach Blanket Bloodbath
  • The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
  • Chapter 2: Mr. and Mrs. Frump Go Shopping

  • The Mild Kingdom
  • The Yin and Yang of International Politics
  • The Return of the Ghost of Dr. Gonzo
  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors...
  • Mr. And Mrs. Frump Go Shopping
  • A Fantasy of Untold Power
  • Fools and Heroes
  • Great Unanswered Questions Changing
  • Having a Political Ball
  • Conversations Overheard in an Eatery on Queen Street
  • Society Says...
  • Chapter 3: Professor Blunderson Explains It All For You

  • Professor Blunderson Explains It All For You
  • The Sounds of Suburbs
  • Small Talk
  • Vive la Difference!
  • Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up
  • Conversations Overheard at the Corner of Yonge and Bloor
  • Strange Priorities
  • The Boy President Who Cried Commie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frump Play the Numbers
  • New Directions In Parliamentary Entertainment
  • Twisted Telephone
  • Chapter 4: Always Smile at a Child

  • Professor Blunderson Dissects the Home Team
  • Money Comes In, Money Goes Out
  • A Moment In Time
  • Letters to Playtoy Magazine
  • Always Smile at a Child
  • Today's Spies Aren't What They Used to Be
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frump Become Celebrities
  • Lawn Chair Killer Free
  • Social Imperatives
  • Leave It To Deaver
  • The Hard Sell Approach
  • The Acts of Reasonable People
  • Chapter 5: Life as Cookie Box

  • Mid-death Crisis
  • Life as Cookie Box
  • A Life Apart
  • Masters of the Air Guitar, Volume One
  • The Conversational Arts In Decline
  • The Big Slurp
  • A Harrowing Tale
  • Wither Canadian Sovereignty?
  • Chapter 6: What the Heck Do You Know?

  • What the Heck Do You Know?
  • Les Pages AWhat the Heck Do You Know? The Sequel!
  • What the Heck Do You Know? 3-D
  • What's That You Say?
  • What the Heck Do You Know? (Untitled Silly Contest)
  • Son of What the Heck Do You Know?
  • Bride of What the Heck Do You Know?
  • Son of the Aunt of the Third Cousin (Twice Removed) of What the Heck Do You Know?
  • Chapter 7: Never Trust A Smiling Humourist

  • Never Trust a Smiling Humourist
  • Electric Apocalypse
  • The Shift of An Historical Perspective
  • The Harmony of All Things Political
  • Raping the Past
  • No News Is Good News
  • Parliamentary Pages
  • Them! Not Us!
  • Stranger Than We Can Imagine
  • Nice Form, Shame About the Function
  • Down From the Trees In Droves
  • Always Trust a Smiling Humourist...
  • Chapter 8: They Saved Hollywood's Brain

  • Professor Blunderson Aids the Cosmetics Industry
  • Invasion USA - The Real Story
  • Conversations Overheard in a Concert Ticket Lineup
  • Canada Farm
  • Sorry, Again, Charlie
  • Queen's Park Unicorn Battle
  • They Saved Hollywood's Brain
  • Answers to Questions Most Asked By Mothers
  • A Tale Told by a Schizophrenic
  • I Was a teenage Statistic
  • What Are We Teaching Our Children?
  • "Can I Keep It?"
  • Chapter 9: Parlour Games of the Eighties

  • Parlour Games of the Eighties
  • Power Accounting Practices 101
  • The Tin Can
  • Wired for Sound
  • Me and the Crue
  • Random Thoughts on Public Transit
  • The Comet's Tale
  • Justice By the Book
  • When Elves Rebel
  • The Operation Was a Success, But the Country Died
  • My Reversion at the Full Moon
  • Spring Cleaning
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