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Chapter 42
November 12, 2017

App-ropos to Nothing...

"Stories don't come from apps, and novels don't come from routines"2

"Bike Share Toronto to offer free rides in July
Current users, anyone who downloads the app will ride for free on Wednesdays"1
"How to map a bicycle trail while riding a 'data bike'
The Data Bike will use a Canadian-made app to gauge the condition of bike trails in Des Moines, Iowa"1
"Dropbike startup launches at U of T
App-based bike rental offers St. George campus alternative to city-run sharing programme"1

"Sperm count? There's (almost) an app for that"1
"Could streaming-app password sharing soon come to an end?"2
"Could app help women in danger?"3

"Google unveils improved software for car infotainment consoles
Android system can control temperature, seat positioning, as well as popular apps"1
"With in-app camera features, facebook snaps back at rival"2
"How Google took over U.S. Classrooms
Tech giant has outmanoeuvred rivals with a powerful combination of low-cost laptops and free apps"1

"Fitbit must jump more hurdles as launch of smartwatch looms
Lack of enthusiasm, coupled with app store problems, doesn't bode well for product"1
"Carrot healthy-living app gets $1.5M boost from the province"2
"Want to lose weight? Put your money where your mouth is
Apps and fitness programs are offering cash for pounds dropped - and research suggests it's a good approach toward making healthy choices"1

"Google's Android Play launches in Canada
Mobile wallet app allows contactless payment via smartphone in some stores"1
"Kik to launch its own digital currency
Messenger-app company aims to make the technology the preferred payment system for its millions of teen users"2
"Braving risks of digital coins reaps rewards
But expert says the interest largely 'based on speculation' and apps still in development"1

"The AGO puts the AR in art
App that transports classic works into modern day looks to provide digital context to savvy viewers"1
Performers are realizing they can go beyond social media to stay in touch with - and entertain - their fans"5
"Fender uses Edge to market guitar apps"1

"AR captures the tech world
Pokemon GO app's viral success marked the dawn of the new tech era"1
"Farpoint aims to bring shooter fans into VR
New Sony game might not be a killer app for the tech, but the field is pushing forward"1
"BCE's new TV play: There's an app for that"2

"An evening of wall-to-wall warning signals
Not one to enjoy dating apps, Evan took a chance on Bruno but found only red flags"1
"Ex-cop taps into China's gay dating market with app"1
"There's a fashion app for sustainability"5

"Apple removes app that skirts censors"1
"Bell targets cord-cutters with TV app"2
"Apple customers talk fruitful service
Maker of the iPhone fields calls about crashing apps, project help, leaving users feeling well-treated"1

"Apps help get food to customers' homes"1
"Franchises put brakes on Tim Hortons app roll out"2
"Gardening apps are constantly improving
Evolving mobile aids can help those with green thumbs dig for the best information"1

"Jury's out on the 'swiping smart' trend among online daters
Describing oneself as a sapiosexual is the latest way to stand out from commoners on apps for singles"1
"In a swipe culture, Missed Connections lives on
Craigslist section was popular before era of dating apps, but is still relevant today"1
"Dating apps turn EXCLUSIVE
Welcome to the mean girls of online dating, where only the rich, beautiful and famous need apply"1
"Rachel's mysterious date had a big secret waiting at home
Using an app, she matched with a charming man - who left something off his profile"1
"Mommy nearest: Why I deleted hot apps for finding a friend"2
"Hayek mistakes app for mistress"3

"Toronto Star abandons tablet app, lays off 30 staff members"2
"Stuck in a social media bubble? There's now an app to help that"1
"ISPs can't cherry-pick apps free of data cap, CRTC says"1
"App matches companies with paid crowd members
Tech pairs business with hand-picked attendees in world of 'crowdcasting'"1

"TTC delays launch of anti-harassment app"1
"Police roll out app for mental-health support
The Community Asset Portal can identify officer's location, suggest services in the area"1
"The Elite Are Turning To Secure Chat Apps"4

"Why Siri won't co-operate with apps"1
"Uber soft launches tipping via app"2
"Pinterest to start first ad campaign
CEO wants people to know app isn't a social network but a visual search engine"1


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