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Chapter 17
May 21, 2017

Is There No End To Our Desire For Silly Gadgets? App-arently Not!

Personal Apps - Going Out

"Green P payment app is taking to the streets"2
"Distracted driving could be tackled with phone locks
U.S. federal government recommends phone makers lock text-based apps while user is driving vehicle"2
"TTC rebuked for ending printed bus schedule
Move to apps and phone info seen as slight to poor and seniors, but may save money"2

"Hinge revamps dating scene app"3
"Are reservations apps part of the problem?"2
"A big spike in swipes during festival
Use of dating app Tinder increased 31% during TIFF's opening weekend"2
Dinner plans, life updates and inside jokes; it's all increasingly happening via group messaging apps. Being left out of social communities is a new form of ostracism - one that hurts just as much as physical exclusion"1

Business Apps

"Vision critical executive to launch app maker"1

"Muskoka-chair entrepreneurs sitting pretty
Parking app and YouTube video monetizer are also named Canada's most promising startups in The Globe's annual small-business contest. Each wins $5,000 worth of marketing services"1
"What makes Snapchat worth $30-billion?
The app has been hailed as a great leap in social media, but it's really a tale of market hype and speculative mania"1

"Apple App Store hits $20-billion in 2016"1
"GM invests in China app developer"1
"Snapchat may go public in early 2017
Speculation about the app's initial public offering growing"2
"SAP to offer its business apps on Google Cloud"1

"App gives workers power to fight erratic schedules
Toronto students' startup being adopted by retailers across the U.S. and Canada"2
"Microsoft throws new office chat app into ring
Company unveiled feature to allow team communication"2

"Red means stop: A banking app that cuts customer spending"1
"App gives quick quotes for financing farm, medical tools
"Winnipeg-based National leasing launched an app that dealers can use to quote financing rates for leasing equipment"1

"Parent company of Tim Hortons, Burger King plans pay-in-advance app"1

Personal Apps - Life is Hard

"Five strange apps for your love life that really shouldn't exist, but do"2
"Finding the right social media balance for your life
Tough to decide whether to quit using time-stealing apps or just use them more wisely"2
"Chinese App Fueled By Looks Obsession"4

"Premature ejaculation? Yep, there's an app for that."1
"Useful health-related apps are out there
Too many are downloaded only to be used once or twice, but there is an increasing role for technology, care professionals say"1

"Dad, mom or app - what influences retirement saving?"1

"A Social Network App That Tests Age Limits"4
"Students use app to anonymously report bullying"1
"Teen's app helps blind see the world"
Seventeen-year-old Anmol Tukrel's program identifies objects and describes it to the user"2

"Oh, how she glows
Angela Liddon's blog is beloved and her first cookbook was a runaway bestseller. Now, she's back with a slick app, a hefty new cookbook and, any day, another baby. Andrea Gordon visited her Oakville home to find out how she does it"2

Arts Apps

"Liberals mull Netflix tax, Cancon app"1
"Movie ticketing app gets boost from J.J. Abrams, Spielberg
Atom Tickets hopes to start a movie-going revolution by making group outings easier"2

"Guitar goes digital for beginners
Fender apps, connected devices aim to keep newbies strumming"2
"Musical.ly's young audience gets complicated
Chinese app's audience includes many under age 13, which creates legal issues"2

"Eastlink unveils ‘portable television' app"1
"Twitter to launch app on Apple TV"1
"Rio coverage strikes gold for popular mobile app
Nearly 3 million U.S. users saw Olympic highlights on Snapchat"2

"New art app for Puerto Rico"3

Other Apps

"City isn't making it easy for people to build useful apps"2

"App Stores Make Censorship Easier"4
"Limited encryption with Google's Allo app
Use of app's smart assistant doesn't allow for promised data protection features"2
"IPhone users getting lured in by fake apps
Counterfeit programs appear to be operated by well-known brands"2
"CIA expose sparks surprise takeaway
Smartphone encryption apps such as WhatsApp and Signal won the WikiLeaks debacle in a big way"2
"Educational apps could put privacy in danger"2

"Head trip: meditation apps for vacationers"1
"ISIS app lets kids destroy Big Ben"3


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2. Toronto Star
3. Toronto Sun
4. New York Times

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