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Chapter 4
February 19, 2017

We Have Nothing to Headline But Headlines Themselves!

Fear Level: Green

"Rabbit-hole fears"1
"Amid fear and fibs, the world gets 'surreal'"2

"How to leapfrog fears and insecurity to find success"2

"An OCD date presents hurdles and challenges
Being open may help ease fears for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder"2

"For readers, being cut off from grandkids is an ever-present fear"1
Parents of children already riding two hours a day fear the worst if the only two schools in area are shuttered as proposed"2

"Four feared dead in cottage blaze neat Peterborough"2

"Liquid drug fuels fears"3
"Harsh sentences doing little to stem drunk driving
MADD says the real fear is getting caught3

"Americans are 'living in fear' of each other"2

Fear Level: Blue

"When AIDS was young
World AIDS Day is Dec. 1: two new books examine the exploding fear and the search for a calm response"2

"Scientists call Liberals fears 'needless'
Strategies to fix mercury contamination won't make problem worse, experts say"2

"Refugees face legal aid pain
Lawyers fear many will be left without coverage due to cash crunch"2

"Dispensary raids create climate of fear, lawyer says"2

"U of T secures climate data Scientists fear information could vanish under Trump"2

Fear Level: Yellow

"Fearing for the Future of Democracies"4
"Vote Reveals Deep Split in U.S.
An Election That Stirred Both Fear and Hope About the Future"4

"Europe's Jews have reason to fear today's political climate"1
"'Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear'"2

On a rare five-night journey into a place China has long sealed off from scrutiny, Nathan VanderKlippe finds that fear is everywhere, progress is checkered - and few things are as they seem"1

"Leader's departure ends standoff in Gambia
After 22-year reign of fear and recent election loss, Jammeh goes into exile"2
"In much of Africa, democracy is still fragile
Dictator's exit from Gambia is a victory for the country's people, but autocrats elsewhere have little to learn or fear from the departure"1

"YouTube blocks N. Korean channel
Because station earns money, Google fears it may violate U.S. sanctions regime"2

"Premiers to push PM on cuts to health care
Provinces united over fear federal spending reduction will severely impact services"2
"Tories have much to fear with electoral reform"2

"Fear Is Forcing Many Out of Central America"4

"PM speaks out on a Trump-style populism
People will 'lash out' unless economic fears are addressed, Trudeau tells Star editorial board"2
"World lessons to be learned
Obama: All leaders must heed people's economic fears"3

"Trump-era divide is hardly unprecedented
Violence, fear and disagreements strong enough to split families have marked the history of U.S. democracy as often as not"1
"Women fear total loss from Trump's win
The president-elect's campaign - and the men surrounding him now - have women concerned about how he will govern"1
"Lookahead: Mr. Trump's rants have revived fears of Japan-bashing"1
"Mexico looks to allay fears about Trump"1
"We should fear this swaggering President"1

Fear Level: Orange (Oh, Grow Up!)

"When fear and greed grip markets, investors need a human touch"1

"NAFTA: Canada does not have a 'lot to fear' from Trump presidency"1
"Trump and Wall Street: A new dawn?
A mixture of hope and fear as America's biggest banks brace for a 'game-changer' presidency"1

"Carbon price fears
Federal plan alarms 5 Canadian industries"3
"Canadian consumer sentiment slides as economic fears grow"1
"Early U.S. lumber finding stokes fear in Canada"1
"Canadian energy sector fears competitive advantage"1
"Fearing loss of business, Bombardier pressed Ottawa on Sanctions"1
"Oil: Sector fears carbon tax will put it out of step with U.S. "1

"Mexico's top banker eases inflation fears"1
"Fears of a domino effect if Italian bank's overhaul fails"1
"Post-Brexit consumption lifts U.K., but fears persist"1

"Courier fears 'boost' charges may drive away customers"22

"Top funds fear another emerging-markets plunge in 2017"1

Fear Level: Red

"Tunisians speak of abuses before Arab Spring
Only 23% of complaints came from women, as many feared ostracism, judgment"2

Dozens of inmates mutilated in latest Brazil prison violence
New attacks increase fears that violence could spread to the streets of major cities"2

"Fearful Malian Catholics return to church
Congregation holds first Christmas service after Al Qaeda-linked fire in 2014"2

"Merkel faces vital test of leadership in wake of attack on Christmas market
As investigators work to uncover perpetrator of deadly assault in Berlin, Chancellor urges Germans not to be paralyzed by fear. But political opponents are already accusing her of making country less safe"1


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2. Toronto Star
3. Toronto Sun
4. New York Times

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