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Be aloof - we need more loofs!

Welcome to Les Pages aux Folles, a collection of satirical writings and comedic doodles. The most recently written articles can be found in the New section; two or three will appear each Sunday. I now also rotate two cartoons (My Toronto and/or Delicate Negotiations); while the latest will appear on this page every Sunday, recent cartoons can be found on the appropriate pages in the New section. Collections of older material (currently numbering 36: 28 books of prose and eight of cartoons) appear in the Archive.

Ira Nayman

WARNING: This Web site contains words, images or concepts that may be offensive to some.
While reading, please be sure that your inner child is otherwise engaged.


Subtle Self-promotion is Equated With a Good Idea at Les Pages aux Folles!

If you read a book by a small press or self-published author that you really enjoy let the world know! Blog about it. Post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads or the like. Mention it to your social networks. Small press and self-published authors live and die by word of mouth, and your friends would probably be grateful to find a good book by a new writer. Everybody wins!

This Week's New Columns

The Daily Me - Ponderosa Manicotti-Newman

"I mean, did you think it was possible that anybody would be running that would make me look like a more viable candidate by comparison?"

#nothimtoo [ARNS]

When Chief of Staff Colourkellygreene was asked about this, he bit the head off a bat, spraying the journalists in the front row with enough blood to make them feel like they were extras in Carrie On Mutilating.

Change for a Five, Or Five for a Change?

Five to...All the Forgotten Countdown Numbers!<

Infrastructure on Parade [ARNS]

"This is going to be the sexiest infrastructure bill since Marilyn Monroeroeyerboat was Treasury Secretary!"

Other Things Worth Knowing


You know it. I know it. Because they're cool, most of our friends know it. READING IS SEXY! Unfortunately, in these anti-intellectual times, when knowledge is treated by so many people like a communicable disease that has no social cachet, many people need to be reminded of this simple fact. So, if you have a moment, please go to the Authors Believe READING IS SEXY Facebook page. Tell us why you think reading is sexy. If you're ambitious, have a friend take a picture of you reading your favourite book and post it to the page. And, of course, let other people know what is obvious to so many of us: READING IS SEXY!

Your Immortality Is Ensured! Sorta... More Or Less...

Ask Amritsar and Ask the Tech Answer Guy, the two advice columns produced by the Alternate Reality News Service, are now a weekly feature of Les Pages aux Folles. I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but it's nice to see the Web site continue to evolve. Now that the advice columns are a regular feature, I need reader input more than ever! If you have a grave concern or a passing wonderment that you think one of our advice columnists can answer, I want to hear from you. Simply submit your own questions to: questions@lespagesauxfolles.ca. It's your shot at immortality! And, it's my chance to fill another 700 word column!

Other...Other Stuff

As always, all praise to Gisela McKay of Pixcode for her assistance with Les Pages aux Folles since its inception. Not only has she donated space on her server for me to park the Web site, but she has withstood an onslaught of newbie questions that would have made a lesser woman run away screaming (not an uncommon reaction to me, I must admit). This Web site would not have been possible without her. Gisela is, truly, a tech goddess.

All material on this Web site is (c) copyright by Ira Nayman. For more on this fascinating subject, go to the Les Pages aux Folles Legal page.

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Welcome, Science Fiction Fans!

If you came to Les Pages aux Folles curious about my writing thanks to science fiction or fan fiction, welcome! You can find the complete text of Alternate Reality Ain't What It Used To Be, +

Welcome Back My Friednishes To The Show That Never Ednishes

I now have a Facebook author/fan/whatever you want to call it page: Ira Nayman's Thrishty Friednishes. Go, look around, like it if you feel so inclined and feel free to leave a comment. I have only just started it, so it may be a little sparse at the moment, but I will add content based on what people post they would like to see. Within reason.

Would you be interested in immortality?

The Alternate Reality News Service (ARNS) has two advice columns: Ask Amritsar, a column about love and sex and technology, and; Ask the Tech Answer Guy, a column about +